Monday, June 18, 2012

L S Lowry X Oasis - Masterplan

Oasis - The Masterplan

If you are a fan of L S Lowry, and you havn't seen this.
Noel and Liam Gallagher are big fan's of Lowry's.

L S Lowry is an English born artist who, in a lot of his works depicted industrial scenes and narratives featuring large numbers of people who he refers to as 'Matchstick men'. 
    Oasis have paid homage to Lowry by creating an animated music video for their song 'The Masterplan' in which the Oasis band members have become animated Lowry 'matchstick men', and walk through industrial streets together and play music in live houses.  It was a Fantastic surprise to see Lowry's painting style in an animation, as I had always felt the figures in Lowry's work were extremely busy and to see them moving was completely natural. Bellowing factory chimneys and stray dogs running down the grey streets created a great sense of melancholy present in Lowry's work, making the video for me a successful Homage to the great painter. 

Some of Lowry's work:

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