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Samuel Kirby

Working closely with my relationship with Nature in the 21st century, my practice follows an investigative path towards understanding modern day desires and materialism in comparison to the beauty and appreciation of nature that we have almost completely forgotten about in the man-made cities that we live in.

The life cycle, even of man made things and how it relates to nature interests me, The Idea that eventually everything returns to the earth from where it came, even the objects thought to be indestructible. Once cherished objects become void over time and lose their life when they lose their function, desirability or are simply left behind.

12-26th June 2011, Café Lounge, Surry hills, Sydney.

Friday Morning Sketch - Neko - Takaosan

Forest Suit X Masa X Sanny X Samuel@ Takaosan

Photo's by Masanori and Naoto.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

OLEDICKFOGGY > Rustic Punk from Tokyo

were absolutely brilliant live.

ranpo jigoku >乱歩地獄

This is more Art than Movie, fantastic.

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Japanese painting

Flash Back at the Cluracan Koenji.

Thanks Cluracan!!!
The 3 day intense exhibition party/ drinking get together and messy evenings all happened at this awesome Irish pub in Koenji Tokyo Japan called The Cluracan, (Yes they have GUINNESS on Tap!!, fish and chips, westons cider and anything else brittish'ish, you could imagine!)
check it out if your in Tokyo!

Residency at Minority Works

A Huge thanks to all the guys at Minority works Tokyo for the Studio space and fantastic company while I was in Tokyo!! I hope to see you guys again real soon and climb up some mountains like Takaosan again!

Minority Works

Back from Japan

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Flash Back!

Flash Back,

Paintings, Drawings and Photography!
a collaborative exhibition featuring the work of Samuel Kirby, Masanori Kogai and GG Sanny.
Opening party is on Saturday the 16th at 6pm at Cluracan Irish pub, Suginamiku Koenji minami 4-9-6

ローケーションはこちらへ> (​ace/ce7a2be704077cc1e1e2f3​14eb83ea9b233a7d00/).

A big thanks to Minority works for supporting this show and making a studio space available!

Blog : www.samuelkirby.blogspot.c​om (Samuel Kirby) (Masanori Kogai)