Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sunday the 1st, Raining again, probably!

Meeting Place: outside COFA Woolworths
Meeting time:12pm

At this point in time there is no plans for drawing destinations/ subjects. The forecast says there will be showers on sunday, a visit to the Gallery of NSW could be of interest, also I had an Idea recently as a result of all these rainy days, what do you think about choosing a passage of text and everyone creates drawings from this, even if it is just as a warm up, it may be fun and also be a good imagnative excersize.

Last week at the QVB we went inside to do some flower/architectural sketches, and we found that there was spare tables and chairs meaning still life objects are also a possibility.

see you there!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Sunday Drawing Group Locations.

Hello people, from now on I will be posting the location and time of the drawing group meeting here. Please check for any updates, Im sure the ones that have come along so far know that It rains almost every sunday, so plans change all the time.

This week: 12pm in front of the Woolworths Cofa building. Subjects will include a Billiards hall and some still life objects, so If you have any interesting Items, bring them along. The drawing group will be followed with a pub excursion for all that are interested!

see you Sunday!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Video play.

I am the Devil, Probably.

Hijacked Derek's Photoshoot.

Sculpture, 1st presentation

This is my first piece in the Sculpture class this semester, It is commenting on my relationship with my asthma inhaler, and what symbol it represents, a hero to get me out of a pinch.

Flowers at centenial, En Plein air.