Friday, April 27, 2012

NSW Parliment plein air painting prize entry

Botanical gardens Plein air Painting/Audio box. Concept: Through creating a Document of recorded Dialogue taken during the period of time when an outdoor painting is being created, I want to present an artwork, which instead of purely representing nature visually, represents my experience of the space/time aurally. My project aims to analyse Plein air painting from a new perspective and think about how Plein air painting is romanticized. Working on a painting in a lovely field of flowers, painting from boats on canals etc, is far from the truth of painting en plein air in contemporary society, especially in public spaces. Through my work I would like people to think about this.

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Anonymous said...

Don't you mean, "I'm drinking an ICE coffee". Details matter.

I dig this, the fact you don't want to be there on Tuesday, and oil paints could taste like sap.. You don't get that out of a traditional plein air painting. I wonder how the box turned out.