Thursday, August 18, 2011

Inner Dialogue - Project Beginning

A Bit about the project -

Through creating a Document of recorded Internal Dialogue taken during the period of time when a work is being created, I want to present Paintings and drawings, That instead of purely representing a location or reality, represent my experience of the space/time, On levels spanning beyond the Visual, and into the mental.
To fully understand an individual’s experience in a certain location, or with objects or figures, we have to take into account the reality of the situation and combine it with what is happening in the head of the person depicting the subject. The mental state they are in during the period of depiction is just as important as the physicality of the situation when it comes to the resulting painting or drawing.
Through paintings and drawings I plan to work directly from life with no additional material (such as photographs), and while doing so take notes on everything I am thinking and feeling including an internal dialogue recorded in the form of notes initially which later may be transferred into a recorded device/ other images/ text based slide show / scroll etc.

The Notes I have taken during the creation of the above images is currently being transferred into a recording, "watch this space."


MAIS M.ISSA said...

nice paintings

Samuel Kirby said...

Hi MAIS M.ISSA, Thanks! I had a look on your blog, you have quite a portfolio of great portraits, fantastic work!