Thursday, May 26, 2011

A little bit about my practice:

Working closely with my relationship with Nature in the 21st century, my practice follows an investigative path towards understanding modern day desires and materialism in comparison to the beauty and appreciation of nature that we have almost completely forgotten about in the man made cities that we live in.

My interest in painting started in 2007, being attacked by a crow inspired me to convey the power of nature through visual means(painting).I was and am currently very inspired by the impressionists and expressionists and how they convey concept and feeling through the medium of paint.

The life cycle, even of man made things and how it relates to nature interests me, The Idea that eventually everything returns to the earth from where it came, even the objects thought to be indestructible. Once cherished objects become void over time and lose their life when they lose their function or desirability.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sam,
This is Louise from COFA.

Decided to visit your blog today, I see oranges!!!
I saw your drawing of the crows and pole thingys, it's quite nice, reminds me of oriental textiles for some reason.
Excited to see it's progress and looking fwd to the show ;)